Molitor Ski

Video zu Molitor-Ski

Molitor COMMAND C2

For more fun per curve. The Molitor COMMAND C2 masters short to medium turns with impressive ease and precision.

Even on hard and icy slopes, fast rhythm changes without great effort are easy - so every ski day becomes a relaxed ski day.

Molitor PERFORM P2

Experience the piste from its most exciting side.

The giant slalom ski with a racing heart shows its extraordinary qualities especially during medium to long turns.

Thanks to its precise handling characteristics, the Molitor PERFORM P2 is stable in any situation and still remains pleasantly agile - right up to the last turn in the apr├Ęs-ski.

Molitor RELEASE R1

Radicality has a new name:

RELEASE R1. With unconditional agility and grip, the super sports car even embarrasses centrifugal forces in curves.

If you're looking for more smoothness, stability and fault tolerance, you'll be able to control the handling characteristics with different plate and binding combinations.

Thus the RELEASE R1 is a ski for all skiers who want to have maximum fun on the slopes.

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